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Electronic boardWith a handful of semiconductors, a breadboard, a soldering iron and some wires, you should be able to create just about anything you like. Don’t give up every time blue smoke pours out of a transistor, or when a circuit does something completely unexpected, it’s all part of this game. Learn as you go, using the Internet, reference books, and other people’s designs as a guide and, before long, you will be able to whip up any type of circuit without any reference material at all.


By reading the article below we hope that you will become familiar with the basics of the amazing 555 timer. After being familiar with the basics, you may refer to the 555 circuits section of our website to explore many more.

Vital-Radio: A Wireless Smart Home Technology Monitoring Health Status

Smart Homes are going to be the trend of the coming future. Different smart home technology is on its way to make the future homes smarter. Recently, a new health monitoring technology – Vital-Radio has been introduced by the researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). It is an intelligent wireless sensing technology device that can be used as a smart home technology for tracking resident’s health status like heartbeats and breathing.