Flashing Heart

Flashing Heart
Flashing HeartFlashing Heart LEDs
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The "Flashing Heart" is a very simple circuit based on the famous 555 timer. Build and have fun!
The prototype consists of 2 boards: The first board contains the 555 timer and the second one contains the LEDs. The heart "beats" at an adjustable constant rate. The circuit can be powered from a simple power supply unit, a DC power-pack unit or from a car battery. Besides flashing, the heart can be easily upgrated to also produce  some realistic "tick" sound. Sound can be added by connecting a relay, a buzzer or a simple piezoelectric speaker at the main-board's outs.   


Technical details:

Power supply: 11-14V DC

On - Board timing - adjust potentiometer.

Viewing Area: 7x7cm

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Download the Flashing Heart - electronic schematic.
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