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LED - Display Dice 1LED - Display Dice
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A digital die circuit can be easily realised using an astable oscillator circuit followed by a counter, a display driver and a display. It is considered a classic electronic project for beginners. Although simple, it can add a new twist to some old boring board games. 

Here we have used a LM555 timer as an astable multivibrator with a frequency about 50Hz, a 74192 decade counter, a 7447 display driver and a 7-segment LED display. Using the preset inputs A, B, C and D of the 74192 IC and an external nand gate (7410), we make the count length to be from 1 to 6. This is done by simply loading the counter with the value of 1 (0001) whenever the BCD output reaches to 7 (0111). 

The circuit is not truly random but the natural bounce present in a push button and the normal human ability to act much slower than the oscillator makes the output of the circuit to seem random.  

You can build this circuit on a general purpose experiments board but it is much easier to use our double sided PCB. Using our PCB, you must solder some components on both PCB sides.

Author: A.G

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