UV Exposure Unit

UV Exposure Unit
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This uv exposure unit can be used to print PCB artwork onto the photosensitive surfaces of a Printed Circuit Board (PCB). With this device you can manufacture your own PCBs (printed circuit boards) according to the photolythography method for PCBs.

The unit is capable to create doubled-sided exposures on both the top and bottom PCB surfaces at the same time. Double sided exposures take about 160sec to be completed.

The device has been designed for positive photoresist; that is, UV exposed areas can be etched away on the final PCB. Artwork should have opaque tracks on a transparent background. Using consistent methodology, you will be able to produce PCBs with track width and spacing down to 0.2mm.

In order to build this UV exposure device, you will need:

Plywood boards, plywood hinges and srews, glass boards, UV lamps, switches, wire and a timer

UV Exposure unit – Specifications
Exposure Capability On Top, on Bottom or on Both PCB Layers simultaneously
Exposure Area 35 x 65 cm
Embedded LED display Timer Adjustable - from 0 to 999 sec

 Author: A.G

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