0-999 sec Timer

0-999 sec Timer
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This timer was initially designed for the UV-Exposure Unit. However, it proved to be extremely useful for providing controlled "on" times for other equipment such as photo-enlargers, developers, small heaters, incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, etc. 

Author: A.G

Timer Features:

  • 3 - Digits Count Down LED Display
  • Start/Stop-Pause Button
  • "On" -Time adjust potentiometer
  • "On" - Indicator - LED
  • "Idle" - Indicator - LED
  • 1-SPDT Relay / 1A-250V
  • 1 Digital Input Port - which optionally can be connected to a "safety" switch. This input triggers the auto pause of the timer for safety reasons. 

Technical details:

Power Supply: 9-15V / 100mA

Download section

0-999 sec Timer electronic schematic
Firmware (hex file)
The Printed Circuit Board details and the Source Code in C for this project (paid-downloads)

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